As a costume designer for 27 years, I worked with hundreds
of actresses. They constantly asked me, “How do I know what my body type
is?  It’s so confusing!” And they’re
right, it can be confusing.

People don’t like to be confused.

At the same time, they’re curious about their body type,
mostly because as women, we like to know these kinds of things. 

I’m going to make an assumption that you are curious about
your body type because you’re not sure what to look for when shopping, and you
want to take the guesswork out of getting dressed each day. You’re tired of
spending money on things that take up closet space, and you simply want to look
good, darn it!

So let’s take a little quiz… 

Look in the mirror with tight clothes on and check out the following images. Each is a different body shape as represented on our site www.mystylerules.com

Which do you most closely identify with? (Be totally honest! There’s no one here except you and me.)

If you chose numbers 1, 1a, 1b, or 1c, you have identified
with a Triangle body type. Let’s dig a little deeper to make sure we are
positive you are a triangle.

  1. Are your bust and hips more than seven inches
    larger than your waist?  (If you don’t
    have a tape measure, wrap a string or a piece of ribbon around your bust, waist
    and hips and look at the difference. If it is more than the length of your
    hand, move to the next question. If not, look at the images again.)
  2. Are you small busted? (If you have had breast
    augmentation, you are most likely still a triangle, as your hips are more than
    likely still your largest asset. Your shoulders are really what you should look
    at when answering this question if you have had augmentation.)
  3. Are your hips and/or thighs wider than your
  4. Are your hips, thighs or derriere your most
    prominent feature (and probably the one you like the least or try to hide under
    mountains of fabric)?
  5. When you gain weight, is it mostly around your
    hip, thigh or butt area?

If you answered yes to at least four of these questions, you
are most likely a Triangle (or Pear) body shape.

What do we love about the triangle (or pear) body shape?

CURVES!!  Triangle body types are so shapely it’s easy to work their curves and move those hips.

Narrow shoulders and neck. Triangle body types typically
look thinner because their upper half is the last to show weight.

Triangles usually have great legs from the knee down and wear heels and knee-length skirts well.

What are the challenges for a triangle body shape?

Large hips…what else? Triangles struggle with trying to hide
their booty. No need (see CURVES above).

A small bust might make you feel out of proportion, making
it hard to create a balanced look.

Sometimes it’s difficult to wear a short skirt or dress
because these hit at the largest part of a triangles body.

What To Wear:

Dark on bottom, light on top

Horizontal stripes work, but only on top

Highlight your waist with fitted jackets and tops

No crew neck tops. V-neck, boat neck, low round neckline, or
square necklines only

Mid-rise or higher pants and jeans (no low-rise)

Straight leg or slim fit pants and jeans

Pencil skirts

Dresses with a fitted top and full skirt

What Not To Wear:

No horizontal stripes on the bottom half

No thin leggings that show every lump and bump

No long tops with lots of fabric or pockets that hit at your
hips. Go higher or wear angled hemlines.

No angled pockets that gap at your hips

The images above were created using a MyStyleRules.com size 12, Jennifer (triangle) model. You can see clearly how adding fabric and trying to hide your hips with extra fabric works against you.

If you want to SEE  more of what works and what doesn’t and get more specific information, go to www.mystylerules.com and create your 3D virtual model and ‘try on’ hundreds of garments. Use the Jennifer model. (We named her Jennifer because some triangle Jennifer celebrities are J-LO, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jennifer Lawrence, and Jennifer Hudson.) 

Other triangle celebrities include Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé,
and Sandra Bullock


If you chose 2, 2a, 2b, or 2c, you are most likely a Square
(or Rectangle) body type. Want to know for sure? Answer the questions below.
You should answer yes to most, if not all, of the questions.

  1. Do you sometimes think you look ‘boyish’ or
    straight up and down?
  2. Is your waist only slightly smaller than your
    hips and bust?
  3. Are your shoulders and hips about the same
  4. When you gain weight, is it typically around
    your sides, giving you a bit of a ‘spare tire’?
  5. Are your hips, butt, and bust on the small side?

If you answered yes to at least four of these questions, you
are most likely a Square (or Rectangle) body shape. (You’re not alone. About
46% of women fit this category.)   

What do we love about the square (or rectangle) body

Square body types tend to look naturally thin and fit

Square body types tend to have a perpetually youthful

Square body shapes are easy to dress as the fashion industry
caters to the square body type

What are the challenges for a square body shape?

Not very curvy

You need to spend more on a good bra/support

You may feel limited to wearing rectangular-shaped clothing

What To Wear:

Clothes that hug your body

Any type of pant or jean

Highlight your waist with fitted jackets and tops

V-neck, boat neck, low round neckline, or square necklines


Crossover tops and wrap dresses

What Not To Wear:


Clothing with unnecessary fabric

Crew neck tops or t-shirts

The images above were created using a MyStyleRules.com size 12, Kate (square) model. You can see how wearing boxy shapes and unfitted garments add unnecessary weight to your middle.

If you want to SEE what works and what doesn’t and get more
specific information, go to www.mystylerules.com
and create your 3D virtual model and ‘try on’ hundreds of garments. Use the Kate
model. (We named her Kate because some famous square Kates are Kate
Blanchett, Kate Middleton, Kathryn Hepburn and Kate Hudson.) 

Other square celebrities include Natalie Portman, Cameron
Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, and Demi Moore


If you chose 3, 3a, 3b, or 3c, you are most likely a Round
(or Apple) body type. Want to know for sure? Answer the questions below. You
should answer yes to most, if not all, of the questions.

  1. Do you have fairly high breasts with a full mid-section and narrow hips?
  2. Do you feel like you have ‘skinny legs’?
  3. Do you have a flat derriere?
  4. When you gain weight, is it typically around your stomach, making you feel a bit ‘barrel-chested’?
  5. Is your waist undefined?

If you answered yes to at least four of these questions, you
are most likely a Round (or Apple) body shape.

What do we love about the round (or apple) body shape?

You have great legs!

It’s easy to pull focus to your bust and face with the proper
clothing and necklines

You most likely have beautiful square shoulders

What are the challenges for a round body shape?

Full body without many visible curves

Undefined waist

You may want to ‘hide’ your natural shape with long
shapeless tops

What To Wear:

Tops and dresses with a high waist or empire top

Quality leggings, jeggings, or stretch jeans that hug your

Tops and dresses that cross over then flow away from your tummy

V-neck, boat neck, low round neckline, or square necklines

Jackets that flow away from your body and hit just below the

Mid-rise or high-rise jeans only

What Not To Wear:

Tops or dresses that hug your waist

Really short skirts or dresses

T-shirts or shapeless crew neck shirts

The images above were created using a MyStyleRules.com size 14, Mae (round) model. You can see how wearing loose fitting clothing skirts that are either too long or too short adds weight and accentuates your tummy.

If you want to SEE what works and what doesn’t and get more
specific information, go to www.mystylerules.com
and create your 3D virtual model and ‘try on’ hundreds of garments. Use the Mae
model. (We named her Mae because some famous round Mae’s are Mae West, Rosanne
Barr, Queen Latifah and Drew Barrymore.) 

Other round/apple celebrities include Goldie Hawn, Rebel
Wilson, and Melissa McCarthy


If you chose 4, 4a, 4b, or 4c, you are most likely an
Inverted Triangle body type. Want to know for sure? Answer the questions below.
You should answer yes to most, if not all, of the questions.

  1. Are your breasts your most prominent feature?
  2. Are your shoulders wider than your hips?
  3. Is your derriere fairly flat?
  4. When you gain weight, is it typically in your
    upper body/bust and upper arms?
  5. Do you typically wear a larger size on the top
    than the bottom?

If you answered yes to at least four of these questions, you
are most likely an Inverted Triangle body shape. 

What do we love about the Inverted Triangle body shape?

Great cleavage!

Small hips

Stunning shoulders

What are the challenges for an Inverted Triangle body

Blouses tend to gap open and are hard to fit

You need to spend more for a good bra/support

You may feel limited to wearing clothes that hide your
breast area

Dresses may be a challenge because you need a larger size on
the top than the bottom

What To Wear:

V-necklines, halter tops, turtleneck tops

Single-breasted jackets

Straight leg jeans and pants

Skirts and dresses with interest at the hemline, such as a
small ruffle

Dresses that have a defined waistline and flare out at the
waist or hips

Tailored coats and jackets rather than boxy cuts

What Not To Wear:

Ruffles on the top half

Clothing with unnecessary fabric on top

Crew neck tops or t-shirts

Crossover tops and wrap dresses

No horizontal stripes on your top half

The images above were created using a MyStyleRules.com size 12, Sophie (inverted triangle) model. You can see how wearing loose fitting tops and tops that are too tight are not flattering and don’t create a balanced look.

If you want to SEE what works and what doesn’t and get more
specific information, go to www.mystylerules.com
and create your 3D virtual model and ‘try on’ hundreds of garments. Use the Sophie
model. (We named her Sophie because some famous Inverted Triangles are
Sophia Loren, Sofia Vergera, Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange.) 

Other inverted triangle celebrities include Christina Hendricks, Selma Hayek, Angelina Jolie, and Reba McEntire


If you chose 5, 5a, 5b, or 5c, you are most likely an Hourglass
body type. Want to know for sure? Answer the questions below. You should answer
yes to most, if not all, of the questions.

  1. Are your shoulders and hips about the same size?
  2. Is your waist at least nine inches smaller than
    your hips and bust?
  3. Do you have a well-formed derriere?
  4. When you gain weight, do you gain it all over
    and still have a clearly defined waist?
  5. If you are full-figured, do you still have a
    small waist?

If you answered yes to at least four of these questions, you
are most likely an Hourglass body shape. 

What do we love about the Hourglass body shape?

You have cleavage even if you are super thin

You have a defined waist even if you are full-figured

You look thin and shapely even if you gain weight

What are the challenges for an Hourglass body shape?

Pants and jeans tend to gap at the waistband because of the
difference between your waist and hips

You sometimes have larger ‘low hips’ than ‘high hips’

Your shoulders may be more rounded than square

What To Wear:

Wrap tops and dresses

Pencil skirts

Any jeans and pants

Skirts and dresses with a defined waist

V-neck tops are best

Tailored coats and jackets rather than boxy cuts

What Not To Wear:

Empire waist tops and dresses

Clothing with unnecessary fabric

Crew neck tops or t-shirts

Boxy dresses such as unstructured sheath dresses

The images above were created using a MyStyleRules.com size 12, Ava (hourglass) model. H an hourglass body shape is an advantage, but as you can see proportion is very important to make the most of your hourglass figure.

If you want to SEE what works and what doesn’t and get more
specific information, go to www.mystylerules.com
and create your 3D virtual model and ‘try on’ hundreds of garments. Use the Ava
model. (We named her Ava because some famous Hourglass ladies are Ava
Gardner, Ava Sambora, Halle Berry, and Scarlett Johansson.) 

Other hourglass celebrities include Oprah Winfrey, Katy Perry, and Holly Willoughby

While practicing yoga this morning, my teacher suggested I approach a pose with “unconditional curiosity”. I had no idea what he meant in terms of a yoga pose, but I wondered, could I greet my closet with unconditional curiosity while looking for something to wear?

What if, when I enter my closet each morning, I pretend I have no idea what I will find? What if I look at my clothes as if I had never worn them before?

After all, at one time I loved everything in my closet.

My yogic mind wandered…..Have I missed combinations I hadn’t previously considered? Could those shoes go with that dress? What about that jacket….does it work with those pants?

A whole new world to explore! (I was so distracted I snuck out of class early….)

I rushed to my closet to start experimenting. Within minutes, my bed was chock full of clothing, shoes, and jewelry. I had the time of my life!

I discovered that I’d been missing tons of opportunities. I’d been stuck in a box, thinking things like, “This ONLY goes with this”, “There is no way that works with that”….how boring!

As you might suspect, some things did not work together at all and were comically bad, but I created new and exciting street style looks that I am thrilled about (I’m slightly obsessive about street style). I also re-discovered items that were long forgotten. They go perfectly with my newer clothes. Wow!

So, if you’re bored with your wardrobe, and think the only solution is to go buy more stuff, think again. Explore your closet first. Treat it like a treasure hunt. Try things that seem silly, odd, even ridiculous. Stretch your imagination (and your limits). Go a little crazy!

You might be surprised by what you’ll dig up. Unconditional curiosity…..my new mantra!

Three of my sisters and I are meeting in Mexico next week. We have been looking forward to this vacation for months. Except for buying a couple of new bathing suits because I left my favorite one in a hotel room in Rome, I haven’t done much to prepare for the trip. After all, it’s just me and my sibs.

Then it happened. I heard from my mother that my older sister just bought four bathing suits….all a size 2. That’s when I learned that she and my younger sister have been working like crazy to get into shape for the trip.

Wait a minute….who said we were doing that? Even if I work out 10 hours a day and don’t eat all week, I’ll be lucky to reach a size 8.


I immediately started an email stream about how inferior I feel. My sisters all joined in, remarking on who is going to look the best. My brother, who is joining us in Mexico, was baffled.

And now that I reflect on that conversation, I am baffled too. Why did I immediately start to feel badly about myself? Why did I move to a place of competing with the women that I love most in this world?

Why do we do that?

According to research, it’s because we want to be the best genetic material possible for procreation of the species. Well, I am not of the procreating age any longer, so that can’t be it.

I agree with Emily Gordon who said in this blog entry http://www.nytimes.com/2015/11/01/opinion/sunday/why-women-compete-with-each-other.html?_r=0

“We aren’t competing with other women, ultimately, but with ourselves — with how we think of ourselves. For many of us, we look at other women and see, instead, a version of ourselves that is better, prettier, smarter, something more. We don’t see the other woman at all.”

It’s true. When I look at my sisters, or any women, I see their beauty. I see them for who they are as people. They are all amazing, talented, vibrant, loving, special women.

Do I see myself in the same way? I’m not sure…

So, my goal for today is to focus on my talents, my assets, my beauty, and my individuality.

Want to join me? We can all have just one day when we love ourselves without question or comparison. How would that feel?!

Until next time,

Most of the questions we get at MSR are from women like you who want to know specifics. “How will ______ look on me?” “What can I do to enhance my assets?”

They are confused as to how to make the current fashions work on their body type.

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Now you can see in 3D!

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After all, celebrities have their personal stylists. Don’t you deserve to have one too?


That’s why we have just added a new service to our MSR Premium Membership. In addition to the Flash Sale Alerts and Promo Codes that we already offer, we will now send you YOUR MODEL wearing the latest styles that you drool over in the fashion pages.

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We are so excited to share this with you!!

Here’s to you looking fabulous,


I posted this Facebook entry by Meryl Streep a couple of weeks ago, and haven’t been able to get it out of my mind. It’s been haunting me.

Why? I am inspired. I am inspired that Meryl didn’t let someone’s opinion stop her from living her dream. I am inspired by every woman who has ever been told that she isn’t enough in some way and keeps believing in herself.

It’s not always easy to look past the opinions of others. To see beauty when we look in the mirror. To know that we have value and can make a difference in the world.
The truth is, we are more beautiful than we can imagine. Make more of a difference than we can see. And are more important than can be put into words.

So, let’s make a pact….the next time anyone tells us that we don’t measure up in some way, let’s envision Meryl Streep on that subway train, smiling so sweetly and looking so beautiful. And then, head out into the world knowing that we are bigger than words, bigger than the person speaking ill of us, and bigger than any negative comment thrown our way.

I don’t know about you, but I have spent many hours joyfully watching Meryl Streep in her many movies. She delights me. And after her FB post, I am an even bigger fan.

And I may not win 18 Academy Awards, but I can add joy and love and beauty to this world in my own way. So can you. It’s not always going to be easy, but it will be worth it!


I don’t get choked up easily. I don’t cry at sappy love stories. I don’t get emotional when I see a cute puppy. So for me, it is a big deal when I am touched by something. That’s what happened when I watched this 2:25 minute video.

It’s powerful. It’s heartbreaking. And it’s a clear message that all of us need to hear.

We are such beautiful, lovely, sensual, perfect women. And we have been told a lie. We have been told that unless we look a certain way, we need to be ashamed and embarrassed by our bodies.

The sad part is, that for a time in our lives we believe the lie. We spend a ridiculous amount of time and energy telling ourselves that we need to look different.

It’s time to change that. It’s time to Embrace our Beauty. It’s time to love ourselves. Start today. You won’t regret it.

I just had another birthday last week. I know….age is just a number, but it seems like every time one comes around I can’t help but wonder how this happened. I can’t possibly be this old! When I look in the mirror, I look okay, but when I see photos, yikes!! Do I really look like that?
Finally, after being in a funk for a few days, I decided to have a change of heart. What do I care about the number of years since my birth? I’m going to celebrate my youthful attitude and go out and have fun!
I called a friend and asked her if she wanted to have a mini-skirt night. Since we had just given her a makeover, with lots of new clothes (mini-skirt included) she immediately said yes. Our husbands were thrilled, and took us out on a ‘double date’.
We felt amazing!!! Sure, we were wearing dark tights instead of bare legs, and long sleeves instead of sleeveless, and high collars instead of deep V’s, but we still looked HOT!
Better still, we felt hot. And we felt young, and beautiful, and all the things you want to feel when you get dressed up.
So today, I challenge you to celebrate and be kind to your wonderful self. Dress the way you feel inside. Keep it classy, keep it simple, and have a blast!






When searching for jeans recently, have you noticed the ‘boyfriend fit’ option? It sounds like an unusual choice for a female jean – but they are actually super comfortable!  The boyfriend fit marks a growing trend among many ladies, who are giving give men’s clothes a whirl. Big brands including Gap and H&M are leading the way on creating more unisex styles, and we are seeing a few celebs rocking this look too – so maybe it is time to think outside of the box and try for yourself.

It might not be something you have considered before, but it can look so effortless and sexy to ‘throw on’ a man’s shirt, and it can work on all body shapes, so that we recommend that you give it a whirl. In this article we are going to chat about the motivation behind those ladies that choose to wear men’s clothes, and of course we will discuss exactly how to make this look work for you.

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Why Do Some Girls Love Wearing ‘His’ Clothes?

There are a couple of ways to consider the answer to this question.

For some ladies in a relationship with a man, wearing his clothes can be a real comfort. Shirts often hold a lingering scent of the owner, and that can make it feel as though he is close by – which is particularly appealing to couples that spend time apart. In addition, some ladies like to wear their men’s shirts as a signal that they are ‘taken’. I guess it is far cheaper than a diamond ring!

On the other side of the argument, there are those women who feel that wearing male clothes is a sign of confidence, particularly that they are secure in their femininity, and don’t need to dress ‘girly’ to prove it.

There is no denying that that there is a certain edginess to a lady in a suit, surrounded by her sisters in gowns, just cast your mind back to Coco Chanel for example.

Woman in suit


Wearing menswear is almost certain to set you apart from the other ladies in a crowd, so if uniqueness is your goal, this is a great way to achieve it. It is possible to make menswear look extremely stylish, and the secret twist is that it is also comfortable and functional. There are also rumors that men’s clothes are cheaper than women’s, and they tend to be sturdier and longer lasting. Once you give it a go, you may wonder why you haven’t tried it sooner.

How To Make Menswear Look Good

The Golden Rules

Before you dive in, there are a three ground rules that apply to everything that we list below. Keep these in mind when you are adding men’s clothing to your closet and you will always look fantastic.

  1. It is recommended that you only go up one size from your own when wearing men’s clothing. Wearing items that are excessive loose will drown you and completely hide your figure. Nobody looks good in a tent!
  2. Fit is everything – so consider going to a tailor to make the little tweaks that will make your pieces perfect for you.
  3. Aim for half and half in your outfits when it comes to baggier pieces. Half of your outfit can be loose and half form fitted – this is the most flattering combination. Examples of this are a loose fitted shirt with leggings, or loose fitting jeans with a fitted vest top.



Layering is the easiest way to make menswear look fabulous. Try layering his shirt over a dress. This is ideal for ‘the morning after’ when you don’t want to be seen out and about in your party frock. Throw on an open button down shirt, and roll up the sleeves. Add a belt and you are ready to face the day.

woman in layers


You can also pair an oversize male shirt with leggings, shorts or skirts, which looks cute too. Be sure to follow the rules for your body shape to make this work for you – that will dictate whether you should accentuate your waist, or cover your bottom for example. 



This one takes a little more creativity. Did you know that you can make a shirt into a tunic with zero sewing? It is pretty simple. Go ahead and button the shirt up from the bottom to your shoulders. Have the collar open around your back and then tie arms into a bow at the front. Confusing? This image below should help you out!

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Leave Your Hat On

A Fedora Hat is typically considered a male accessory, with everyone from Indiana Jones to Johnny Depp sporting them. But who says they are not for the fairer sex? A Fedora hat is a super stylish look for anyone, no matter the gender. Plus as a bonus, it is a great way to hide a bad hair day!


Jazz It Up

Wearing a male oversized tee can look a bit boring – so why not flash it up with big bold statement jewelry to give it a stylish edge. This can be worn alone as a dress, or you can add a belt to give your waist definition. Try a shirt over leggings or shorts too. The only limit here is your imagination.


woman in jeans and white shirt

How To Wear Men’s Jeans

Men’s jeans can look very fashionable on women, plus they can feel super comfortable, with a lot more room to move inside than the normal fitted styles. To make men’s jeans look great, with a feminine twist, you can cuff the bottoms, and then simply add a belt so that the waist is accentuated – and of course they won’t fall down.

How To Wear Men’s Jackets

Men’s jackets and blazers are easy to wear, it is a simple case of rolling up the sleeves, and then scrunching them up a little so soften the look. Adding feminine accessories and tops pulls the look together, and it will look fabulous with a dress or leggings.


Wearing men’s clothes can come with a whole philosophy when you have utility and purpose in mind, rather than only focusing on the typical things that we look for in ladies clothes.

It can be simple and comfy to wear, not to mention versatile, as it offers a whole new swing on the clothes that we already have in our closet. Men’s clothes can be paired with almost anything, and when the golden rules are adhered to, you will always look great.

So let your creativity go wild and reframe how you think about menswear. Mix and match with  dresses, skirts, leggings, and your favorite accessories. Go with what feels good and create a stir!

We all remember the scene from Cinderella where she rushes back to her beautiful carriage as the clock strikes midnight, losing her glass slipper on the staircase for her Prince Charming to discover.

Now, there are a few holes in this story. If the slipper was such a “perfect” fit, (you would recall that no one in all the land could fit into that shoe except for Cinderella herself) then how and why did it slip off her foot? And secondly, is life really all about high heels? Surely our own Cinderella and Prince Charming moments don’t have to happen in heels. Right?

Whether for fashion, or function, sandals are the right choice when the weather starts to warm up, so at the turn of the spring season, it would be much more plausible to find a princess running about in sandals. The catwalk was full of them, so let’s take a look at everything you need to know to keep you in the loop with this look.

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The Right Sandals For Your Lifestyle

There are many different types of outdoor activities that we can find ourselves doing this season and if sandals are our preferred shoe, then we need to learn about matching the correct sandal with the activity we are doing. Some sandals are designed purely for fashion, rather than for hiking. Who has time for a broken ankle? No thank you!


Hiking Sandals

These have rugged outsoles, stiff midsoles, sturdy toe boxes, and straps that cinch all around the foot thereby protecting feet and giving stability on trails and rocks or through water. Closed toe boxes prevent stubbed toes and protect toes from obstacles and debris; great for navigating old city streets or light hiking.


This is a lightweight sandal with a rubber sole that’s a mix between a flip flop and a hiking sandal. The narrow webbing splits the big toe and wraps around the heel for support and stability. These are great for walking. These sandals are simple without the top and midsoles making huaraches the closest option to going barefoot. People have used these sandals to run 100-mile endurance races!



Water Sandals

These are generally lightweight and water resistant and protect feet during activities such as rafting, fording rivers and streams, and walking along the beach. Very often, these shoes are designed with closed toe boxes to prevent you from stubbing your toe against any rocks that you may encounter along a river or during some sort of hiking.

Fashion Sandals

Few offer any real protection or support, but are ideal for dressy summer occasions such as weddings and luncheons. Gladiator sandals are an example of fashion sandals, and sandals with straps were all over the catwalk for Spring. Low gladiator sandals work well with jeans or longer skirts, while higher gladiator sandals go best with shorter dresses and shorts. Be aware of your body shape however, because unfortunately, gladiator sandals are not for everyone. They can give the appearance of a wide foot and shortened leg.

Wedge sandals add height to your appearance and can make thick or “heavy” ankles appear slimmer than they are.

Flip Flops

Let’s be real, everybody need to own a pair of flip flops. There are some situations where nothing else will do. The simple rubber sole with a thin V-shaped strap that fits between the toes does unfortunately provide little support and is therefore best for short excursions to the beach or pool – or even around the house. These sandals are also super lightweight, and you could easily slip ten pairs into your vacation luggage without affecting your weight allowance one bit….. Not that we are suggesting you should.

Flip flops


Slip on Sandals

The slip on sandal is pretty similar to the flip flop. Once again they offer little in the way of foot support, but they are great for casual use and come in all kinds of designs.

The Cinderella Fit

Choosing a sandal that fits well is essential if you don’t want to end up with blisters, aching feet or soreness. If you select a shoe that is too big for you, the constant slipping and rubbing of your foot against the sandal will cause some serious blisters.

When selecting sandals, ensure that your foot is smaller than the sole of the sandal and that you do not hang over the front, sides or back of the shoe. The toe box should accommodate for the widest part of the foot and straps should not pinch in any way whatsoever.  



Go For Quality

Leather and suede are two high-quality materials that you should look out for when choosing a pair of sandals. These materials allow for the foot to breath. The foot-bed should consist of absorbent, breathable fabric to reducing sweating. Placement and design of sandal straps is another aspect to consider in terms of quality. Poorly placed straps will cause blisters and some bad occasions (over time), corns. Always make sure that there is no rubbing of straps on the top of the foot or between the toes.

sore feet

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Support Your Arch

Correct support for the arch of your foot ensures that you will not suffer from muscle fatigue or cramps. Correct support is found in a spongy midsole cushion. Cushioning is important not only for your arch, but for your entire foot. Pay attention to the heel and ball of your foot to ensure that it is cushioned well. Look for high-quality dense foam in offering the best comfort.

…..And Flex


Always test your sandal for flexibility. Place your hand inside the sandal and place on top of a firm surface. Use your other hand to pull the toe of the shoe up. The toe should lift easily while the arch should remain stiff and un-flexed. If the shoe twists and bends easily, this shows that the shoe will not offer adequate support to your foot.

Next time you are planning on purchasing some sandals, put some extra time and thought into the type of sandal you are looking for, along with the tips you’ve learnt here to select a shoe that will keep your feet healthy and comfortable, while you go about your business of looking fabulous!


The fashion industry is big business. Billions of garments are consumed each year and our appetite for cheap, ‘fast fashion’ is growing, leading us to buy more than ever, then discard as if the items are disposable, before heading out to the shops again.

Most of us don’t stop to think about how these items could possibly be so cheap. Is it the material? Maybe, but most likely it is that corners have been cut in the treatment of the garment workers.

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One of the pitfalls that often tempts buyers is ‘fake-designer’ pieces that are promised to be as good as the best, but without the price tag. Unfortunately this is not always the case at all, more often then not you do get what you pay for. Cheap ‘knock-offs’ can seem to good to be true, and they really are when you discover the reality behind their manufacturing. The price for you might be low, but the cost to the workers can be enormous.


Cheap Labour

Many global fashion brands profit hugely from their use of cheap labour in foreign countries, with the majority of workers being women. Garment workers in these, so called sweatshops, are often the lowest paid in the world. Thanks to a series of legal loopholes, their rights are not protected. They are exploited for their cheap labor and are violated in terms of workers’, women’s and human rights.

One misconception that many people hold is that sweatshops are only really used for cheap fashion, while high end designer brands create their expensive clothing in places such as Italy for example. Unfortunately this romantic notion is not always correct, and occasionally some ‘designer brands’ use cheap labor from China and India too.

sweat shop

Is it possible that we have been a little detached from the “human factor” of our clothing?

We simply see something nice, purchase it and off we go, not considering the hands that crafted it; the hands that are not paid well or treated fairly. It is important that we learn about the fair practice and treatment of these workers to ensure that they are cared for and their voices heard.

Fortunately there are some fantastic brands that do demonstrate good morals, and this is where fair trade comes in.


What Is Fair Trade?

Fair trade can be defined as “a trading partnership, based on dialogue, transparency, and respect, that seeks greater equity in international trade”.

Fair trade products seek to empower garment workers by ensuring that they earn a fair wage. This means that they will be able to support their families comfortably and grow in strength and confidence. The fair trade movement also seeks to protect children by abiding by local laws and customs. Children are to be kept in school and not forced to work. Fair trade invests in protecting the rights, well-being, safety and livelihood of many individuals and often this means the fighting of human trafficking.

Fair trade not only ensures that the workers behind the scenes are treated fairly, as well as paid well in order to support their families, but it also ensures that you are purchasing good quality garments that are made to last. It celebrates the creativity of diverse cultures that is displayed through a worker’s careful craft and skill.

Plus, by reusing and recycling materials, fair trade protects and conserves the environment for future sustainability. This is vital when you consider that eighty-two pounds of textile waste is produced per person in the United States, that’s 11 million pounds per year.

Brand Responsibility

There are of course other concerns beyond whether a brand is a ‘fair trader’.

We touched upon the recycling of materials, but the overall environmental impact of cheap clothing production is enormous when you start to take note of the huge quantities of water used, as well as chemicals that are washed into water supplies. There are also concerns over animal testing by certain brands, and even the use of fur.

With brands that offer jewelry, there is the added worry about the source of gold and silver. Many companies do not take the time to find out exactly where their precious metals come from, and the roots can be in child labor and dangerous working environments.

When we purchase clothing and jewelry, we put our faith in the brand that the history behind each item is a good one. It can be upsetting to consider that people and the environment may have been exploited and hurt in their production.

fairtrade logo

Where can we find great brands that support Fair Trade ethics and qualities? There are many retailers cropping up, that maintain high moral standards. We have handpicked some of the best below.


Krotchet Kids

Krotchet Kids seeks to offer affordable clothing while impacting the communities their products come from. This is a non-profit brand that empowers their workers in Uganda and Peru both through fair wages as well as education and mentoring programs. Each month, empowerment is monitored and evaluated, ensuring that every person in their program is being impacted positively.

Study NY

Study NY is a Brooklyn-based company, which produces city-friendly pieces that are all made locally. They use organic cotton, linen, hand-dyed fabric and recycled materials for their pieces. They operate on no-waste pattern-making production and are part of a program dedicated to raising money for underprivileged children.


This company began as a charity, supporting disadvantaged communities such as Malawi in the production of their Fair Trade Clothing. Customers that support this company are supporting the hands behind their garment, as well as working to sustain the environment.

Titania Inglis

Inglis was recognized for her innovative designs and eco-friendly efforts. Based in Brooklyn, all garments are sewn in a factory, using sustainably sourced fabrics such as Japanese organic cotton, French vegetable-tanned leather and dead stock wool from New York’s garment industry. Now doesn’t that sound amazing?


This company seeks to be as transparent as possible. They take their time in tracking down the best and safest factories and work to build relationship with factory owners, thereby ensuring that the factory’s integrity will maintain ethical production practices.

Feral Childe

Feral Childe produces unique one-of-a-kind pieces. Using sustainable fabrics in New York, they work to dispose of waste responsibly by either donating textile remnants to schools or by sending it to textile recycling factories. Furthermore, this company produces to order to prevent excess stock. Best of all, they will provide a transparent report on the manufacturing techniques as well as the fabric sourcing of the items you purchase.

feral childe clothes

Raven + Lily

This is a socially conscious brand that is dedicated to the empowerment of women through sustainable employment opportunities. Their clothing is eco-friendly and made with great love and care by at-risk women in Cambodia.


Designed in Vancouver, these garments are produced out of a self-run cottage industry in Indonesia. They are committed to the growth in Indonesia’s textile industry as well as to an environmentally conscious and socially responsible business model. They use textiles such as organic cotton, bamboo, tencel, linen, hemp, wild silk, pineapple, wool and up-cycled fabric.

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Alabama Chanin

Designed in Florence, Alabama, these pieces range from beautiful wedding dresses, to quilts and placemats. Each item is handmade by artisans in Florence, Alabama and uses a new, organic and recycled materials. They stress the importance of sustainability and “slow design” as opposed to “fast fashion”.

IOU Project

This company has won awards for its innovation over the years. They seek to bring consumers as close as possible to their workers. This works by sending you a tracking code with which to access exactly by whom your clothing is being made, as well as where the fabric is from, once you make a purchase online.

If you want to support fair trade products and take a stand against the unfair treatment of many undervalued individuals, it is important to know what to look for. Familiarize yourself with the Fair Trade Certified logos and always look out for this label. Organizations that are part of Fair Trade will have this information on their website, so look the company up if you are not sure.

As Lucy Siegle said: “fast fashion isn’t free. Someone, somewhere is paying”. Be sure that you know where your clothes are coming from.